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Draw with me: Girl on the beach (Procreate time-lapse)

Procreate time-lapse videos: do you love to watch them as much as I do? I think they always give a great inside in someone’s process. Plus it’s fun to watch! Sometimes I watch my own Procreate videos back to see what parts of my process I can improve and how I can improve my work. So for me personally, I see it as a great learning experience.

I made this illustration last weekend. I felt inspired by some vintage advertising posters I saw at Pinterest. What I love about some of these posters are the bold strokes and flat areas of color. I decided to go with some warm summer colors and to keep them to a minimum (which is a challenge for me ;-))

At the end of the video you see a final shot of my illustration: I always edit those in Photoshop to give the whole illustration a bit more contrast. I feel that Procreate’s own Curves tool works fine, but lacks some of the options that Photoshop offers.

I hope you also love to watch other people’s time-lapse/progress video’s! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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