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Make your own forest animal friend plush toy!

In my previous post I talked about that I opened my own Spoonflower store. The first designs in my store are 4 cute forest animal plush toys that you can cut and sew yourself! It works really easy: all you need to do is order a yard of 54×36 inch fabric (like Minky) of your favourite animal and get some stuffing (I used cushion fill). Then cut out all the shapes of the toy and follow the instructions on the fabric. Or watch this quick video where I show you how I sewed the toys:

I hope you’ll like the plushies as much as I do! If you decide to make one: leave a comment below with a photo of your toy or tag me on Instagram! 😀 I’ll love to see it.

Click here to go to my Spoonflower store.

Willy the Wolf

Robin the Racoon

Frankie the Fox

Micky the Bear