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I opened a Spoonflower store

Good news! I opened a Spoonflower store! I will be adding patterns for fabric, but I mainly opened the store because I wanted to make plush toys. I always had a big love for plush toys. In the past I made a lot crochet plushies (amigurumi) and stuffed animals from leftover pieces of fabric. And now I hope to share my love for plushies with you! 😉 The first designs in my store are 4 cute forest animals.
They are HUGE and each design fits exactly on a 54×36 inch yard on Spoonflower. I made the sample versions with Minky fabric, which is perfect for the type of plushie. I tried to add fun details to every character. The bear and the raccoon both have a cute backpack. And the wolf has his own vintage camera. And on their clothing I added fun tiny patterns that fit with the theme. They are all ready to go on an adventure in the forest!

I also have some new toys in the making that I’ll post about later! Do you like to make your own forest friend? Make sure to go to my Spoonflower and I would love to see your finished result! 😀