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For moses. Verlag I was commissioned to help illustrate their Christmas collection and I can finally share this with you. I would like to give you a sneak peek into the collection.

Up&Down Christmas games for Moses. Verlag

In 2019 I got the question from moses. Verlag if I wanted to help illustrate their Christmas collection. Of course! A great honor, because they always have the most fun products in their catalog. And on top of that I’m a big fan of Christmas.

My role was to draw various animals and Santa Claus in a series of poses. Plus a large number of items related to Christmas. Christmas baubles, gifts, Christmas trees, etc. In addition, they needed a basic layout for the display boxes that could be used throughout the entire collection.

Sketches and work in progress images for the design of the Christmas collection for Moses. Verlag

Many versions and work later, all the characters and items were ready. 35 pages filled with loose items! Moses. Verlag’s graphic designer used all these elements to transform the illustrations in fantastic Christmas products and matching packaging.

Christmas socks with cute polar bear and penguin illustrations by Tamara Houtveen for Moses. Verlag
Memo game featuring cute Christmas illustrations for Moses. Verlag

In addition to that I was asked if I wanted to illustrate a Christmas coloring book with them. The result is a super nice coloring book that is ideal as a gift for the holidays.

Mein Weihnachts-Malbuch - a christmas coloring book from Moses. Verlag with 30 colorful stickers on the inside. Illustrated by Tamara Houtveen.

Curious to see more? Then take a look at the moses. Verlag website and shop your Christmas presents for the coming holidays. Tip: they also have a lot of small Christmas products that are perfect as a mailbox gift. Ideal for when you can’t visit your loved ones this Christmas!

And do you also want to collaborate on an illustration or product? I’m always interested in new projects. Please do send me a message through the contact button below.

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