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Behind the scenes, I’m working hard on a new private gallery. This is a special gallery full of pattern designs available for licensing. Behind a ‘closed door’, so you can only enter with an exclusive password. Are you curious? I’d be happy to tell you more about it.

For whom

The new private gallery is exclusive for buyers, art directors, and business owners that are looking for a pattern design for their product. The patterns in the gallery are ready-to-use and immediately available for licensing (some of the patterns only in specific markets). Most of these patterns remain behind closed doors, so you can be sure of a unique design that has not been shown on social media or this website!

The advantage of this is that I can upload brand new patterns directly to the gallery. So you will regularly discover new designs!

How does it work?

The private gallery is almost finished plus you can already register to get exclusive access. How to register:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include your company name and some info about your company
  3. After I’ve received your email I’ll send you a confirmation
  4. You’ll receive the password at the beginning of November (2021)

Please note: The private gallery is only accessible to companies looking for licensing patterns.

Do you see a pattern that you like? Super! You can email me the code of the pattern or copy and send the image card of the pattern to receive more information (like pricing options and availability).

Do you like the motifs of the pattern, but do you require some changes? Like new colors or a different repeat? I can adjust all of the patterns so that they are a perfect fit for your product!

Sign up quickly to receive exclusive access soon!

Sneak preview of the surface pattern gallery

Below you can see a sneak preview of the new gallery. You can easily browse by category and quickly see what appeals to you. Can’t find the pattern you are looking for? I also work on commission, so you can always hire me.

Sneak preview of the private surface pattern design gallery from Tamara Houtveen
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