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Are you looking for a beautiful pattern collection? This tropical collection with birds and flowers is available for licensing. A super collection for both home decor and clothing.

Tropical birds & flowers

The collection contains 5 beautiful patterns with a handmade touch. These patterns are not vector patterns and are drawn in Procreate. The big plus of this is that the designs have nice textures and are a lot more lively. The surface patterns have an average size of 50x50cm per pattern, so they are more than suitable for large format printing. Such as wallpaper.

Mockup of the tropical birds and flowers pattern collection by Tamara Houtveen

Do you like the pattern(s), but do you prefer different colors? It’s possible to adjust the colors of the designs so that they are a good fit for your product. In addition, it’s also possible to adjust the repeat of the patterns.

More information?

Did I make you curious and would you like to receive more information? Send me a message at and maybe you’ll find the patterns on your new products!

Overview of the tropical birds and flowers surface pattern collection by Tamara Houtveen
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